Hip Hop classes



Les cours de Hip hop


Hip Hop 18 to 30 months

Dance introduction classes with many exploratory activities, games and catchy songs in order to make your minis move.


Hip Hop 3-4 years and 5-6 years

Hip Hop style dance classes with preparation of a show at the end of the session. Classes are filled with exploratory activities related to the body and dance in order to help the kids with rhythm and coordination.


Hip Hop 7 years and +

Hip Hop dance classes where we prepare a mix of songs for our famous end of session’ show. Many special techniques are also taught in order to deliver a complete training of the art of hip hop.





Hip hop 18-30 months

Hip hop 3-4 years

Hip hop 5-6 years

Hip hop 7-9 years

Hip hop boys 7-9 ans

Hip hop girls 7-9 ans

Hip hop 10-12 years

Hip hop boys 10-12 years

Hip hop girls 10-12 years

Hip hop teenager mixtes

Hip hop Adults

The reference in Hip Hop!


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