Typical day at Studio Funky Steps' Dance Camp:


9h00 to 9h30 : Warm-up and stretching 

9h30 to 10h00 : Start learning of choreography

10h00 to 10h30 : Snack & games

10h30 to 11h30 : Special Dance Workshop: style of breakdance, popping, locking, etc.

11h30 to 13h00 : Outside games at Park and lunch 

13h00 to 14h00 : Warm-up and continuity of choreography

14h00 to 14h30 : Group Creation of choreography

14h30 to 15h00 : Snack & Games

15h00 to 16h00 : Dance review and games


Each day of the week, we will show them choreography of 1 minute to 1 minute and a half, a mix of 4 songs. Each Friday, all dancers will present a small show to parents

Excellent training for those who want to audition for our competitive teams in September!


Cost: $150 taxes included/week, or 50$/day



To reserve a spot, a $60 deposit is required








The reference in Hip Hop!


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